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Cool game with nice graphic, but I have no idea how to beat level 2 XD

Level two is little confuse for player. Thats' our designer fault. We will try to fix and update later to make the leave more clear~

Thanks for comments which inspire and improve us later~have a great day~

Hey, at the beginning I didn´t really know what i have to do but I love the Art style and the music was great! Great work for just one week!

HAHA thanks. Our design idea is that the couples are blind and they only can see each other and never focus on the dangerous environment and other character. While the environments would hurt them and make the game restart. Our mission is to use mouse controller to clear the dangerous parts and protect the couples to walk to the end. But honestly we did not focus on how to play better in this game. Sorry for some confusion. We will try to fix and update later. 

yeah i found it out after some deads :D i think an instruction screen would be good ;) keep up the good work!

Yeah We plan to make the tutorial on the beginning while we did not communicate very well. Very pity we feel

I LOVE THE MUSIC!!!!! Beautiful melody!!!!! The audio is fantastic!!!!

And I think this game tells a very lovely story. Good design!

But apparently the game doesn't implement your design very well. Hope you guys fix the bugs so that we can enjoy this game more. Look forward to you guys' better job!

Thanks Bro. That audio is made by our teammate which spend several days to complete. Although in the second level some BGM is cover each together We will try to fix and update later. Hopes you can like the music. In terms of our graphics are made by me and my another teammate. So you might see two different types of art style in this game. But indeed our gameplay is not great as well we are willing to gather together and update later. Very appreciate your comments which improve and encourage more!

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Graphics is so beautifuuuuuuuuuuuul!!!!

And so does the music =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=

Apparently the music is well designed and put like hell of a lot efforts into it. (Just some code bugs need to be fixed.)

Love your graphics & your music! Well done!

Love your game!

The puzzles are actually very cute to solve~

Pls keep working to finish it !!!

I'm very looking forward to it in the future <3

Thanks for liking us game in parts. Audio and Images we spent much time on it by our teammates but we also lack of experience how to combine all elements together. Perhaps we lack of management how to manage the time and resource in our first team game jam. We are willing to update and fix later after this game jam rating. Hopes later you can enjoy again our new game~

Very appreciate for comments. Have a great day~

I couldn't do anything in the second level. I literally clicked on everything and couldn't stop the guy from dying. Interesting concept though and nice graphics. Awesome work for your first jam.

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Thx. we will update later and try to fix all bugs and environments trigger system. Hopefully you can play again at that time. Have a great weekend~

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I completed the second level (both screens), but I agree that the game is hard and unintuitive at what does what (why does clicking on a man closes the first "trap", why do we even need to open an umbrella, how is the umbrella a danger?)

Yeah I agree with you. Although some one can pass the level two but we lack of some space and UI to make the game looks clear and very logic. We will try to update later!!

Thanks stumpybean. The second level truly lack of enough space and UI to make the user confortable play this game. We will try to fix fater this game jam and udpate later. Sorry for some bugs and uncomfortable when you are playing. We will improve later~ Have a great day!