A downloadable game for macOS

This game was created for Ludum Dare 43

I joined the COMPO Mode(Single mode).


Tool used

  • Unity 2018.2
  • Visual Studio
  • Adobe illustrator 

StoryTelling(Game Plot)

You are one Forest guardian always protect in forest.  Certain day, everything has changed. Some unknown creatures seems to invade this area. You have to sacrifices your friends --- all trees around you, make some weapon or create some buildings to protect your homeland.

Game design

During game, you have to sacrifice tree to decide how to use this tree. You can use them and update more powerful weapon or drop these tree again to block some environment. How to use resources depends on you.


All of images are created by Adobe illustrator. 


Because This is my first time single work on game jam. I did not have enough time to complete it. Only one demo I can submitted before the deadline. Just keep this in the first of my itch. When I back to see I know what my first game look like.


Thanks all people download and leave comments for my first game. All recommendations would looked as TREASURE for me. 

I know its not complete and little boring. Just one record for my first game jam and I will improve later.


Wooden World.app.zip 20 MB
Wooden World.zip 20 MB


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Hey Guys!

This is my First time join this family and I feel so good. My game is not satisfied with my target because Its almost 75% of my wish but I have to submit in the right time

All codes are learned from youtube or courses. Images are created by myself using Adobe illustrator and Photoshop in these two days. I used Unity Engine and the Visual Studio for coding.

*Story & Rule:

Player have to Sacrifices their teammates(Trees on the map) to make weapon and blocks environments to continue the game because the Player was also one tree before. he have to use trees to protect the forest world~

My games want to use AX to chop the trees to get the projectile and use projectile to protect himself and the forest. In this game, I did not have enough time to connect the tree with the projectile number. So in game projectile is unlimited.

Finally, Thanks for patient for reading and enjoy a great weekend.