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This is one simple Demo about SAVING & LOADING games in unity. 

In this Top-down Level, You can save and load data such as Music Setting, Coins & Diamonds numbers, Player position, Enemies positions and their status (Whether alive or not)


  • Move: AWSD
  • Shoot: LMB (Left Mouse Button)
  • Press ESC to choose SAVE and LOAD buttons


  • Save and Load by PlayerPrefsSerialization(BinaryFormatter), JSON and XML

Graphics & Audio & Resources

  • (•̀ᴗ•́) و ̑̑ The resources (scripts & Sprites can be downloaded from my Github and Google drive. All of information can be found on my youtube description below. Sorry for not directly put the links on here)
  • All graphics come from Asset Store "Pixel RPG Icon Pack" and "Fantasy Wooden GUI : Free". Feel free to use for personal use. Not for commercial use. BGM is created by teammate Dan Zhu. She used GarageBand Software created this.


If you are interested in these topics, I have prepare one playlist (contains 4 episodes and 1 summary episode) to detail talk about How to save and load Data by each method. Here is the LINK.

Install instructions

Thanks for your download! 

If you want to learn the detail, you can click the link on the description and watch more about Saving and loading Data in Unity. 


SL_Mac.app.zip 37 MB
SL_Window.zip 20 MB

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