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★ This is one simple Demo about the Skill Trees. 

★ In this demo, I have created two different types of skill trees. The idea of skill trees comes from Diablo 2. Hopes You can likes this tiny demo. (Almost all of the images are downloaded from Unity Asset stores.)

★ ★ (I'm going to publish several episodes to make this demo as a series tutorial on my youtube channel. Just for record some great features for your guys. Hopes you can sub to my channel. I appreciate)


  • Left mouse button

Overview of the Skill Tree on my channel

★(The detail episode will come soon. Hopes stay tuned for future updates from my channel


★ I will continue to update this series and make six jobs skills. Also, code refactoring.

★ ★ ★ Have a great day/night!

Install instructions

Thanks for your download. If you want to learn more, you can watch my other episodes from my channel. 

Have a good day~


Skill Tree Mac&PC.app.zip 42 MB

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